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Get Great Food and Flowers

You can get our fresh vegetables, flowers, day-range eggs,  pastured  chicken, and pampered pork several ways:

  • Shop at our summer farmstand – open 10 am to 6 pm (1 pm to 5 pm on Sundays), May through Columbus Day. Frequent shoppers may enjoy the convenience and savings of our CSA Bank Share.
  • Join our CSA Farm Fresh Food Club for the summer (June through October). You may join for vegetables, flowers, and/or for chicken – by check or Venmo or credit card.
  • Shop at our fall and winter farmstore, open dawn to dusk, for eggs, chicken, stored vegetables, and other goodies.
  • Coming summer 2021 – online ordering with delivery.

Comments from our year-end survey:

  • The food was amazing, Beth & Tony were always happy & helpful & took the time to teach my kids about the farm (vegetables & animals). It was an amazing experience!
  • I thought it was a great value, and loved having all the fresh food all summer.
  • We will join again…the produce was great, loved picking it up each week, got us to eat more veggies than we normally would!
  • Yummy fresh,organic veggies!
  • The food was excellent and very convenient to pick up.
  • Liked quality and variety of veggies. Love dealing with a local entity. And Beth you could not have been more accommodating.
  • Love the fresh, organic veggies. Would always prefer to support local rather than large corporate farms.
  • I really like the fact you grew many heirloom varieties and unusual colored veggies, love those purple carrots.
  • Great food. Friendly service Beth and Tony. Great variety.
  • Very pleased. Have already joined for next year.
  • Fresh food and good variety. I liked being able to choose items
  • I have heard very good things about your farming methods and your quality of food… I loved everything!
  • I enjoyed the variety. I especially like the beets, kale, swiss chard, butternut squash.
  • It is a great value because we eat/spend a lot on veggies. I also like the taste and concept of eating fresh, organic, and local.
  • We like the freshness of the veggies, especially the mixed greens.
  • I prefer to eat food grown with as few chemicals and pesticides as possible, so I like that the vegetables are organic.
  • We were introduced to a wide variety of vegetables that we wouldn’t have known about had we not joined. We joined because we wanted healthy, organic, farm fresh vegetables. Our expectations were most definitely met.
  • I love the freshness and, of course, the organic aspect of the CSA. Having the ability to buy veggies and fruit just after they have been harvested is great.
  • I like that eating food that is grown locally reduces my carbon footprint. I think that it is much better for the environment to eat carrots that are grown locally instead of carrots that are shipped in from across the country.
  • Loved that the vegetables were organic and so fresh.
  • You were very helpful in explaining unfamiliar vegetables and gave suggestions for how to cook them. I liked having eggs available too!
  • Freshness that allowed for longer longer storage
  • I liked the quality of the fresh veggies.
  • Having fresh – local food was wonderful – had forgotten how good carrots and beets should taste.
  • Very good quality vegetables. Easy to pick up.
  • We really like getting fresh, local veggies where we know how they’re grown. We also like supporting local business. LOVED the u-pick items!
  • I enjoyed the selection and taste of veggies.