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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm Shares

Sign up for your CSA share now.  Pay by check, Zelle, Venmo or online.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) pairs local consumers (you) who want fresh, locally-grown food, with farmers (us) who want a guaranteed outlet for our produce, with a fair return.  A group or “community” of consumers supports us by purchasing, in advance, our harvest.

As a Rehoboth Homestead CSA Member you:

  • Receive a steady supply of great tasting, locally, organically-grown food offered at the peak of ripeness and absolute freshness, from a source you know and trust – us, your farmers. You choose which vegetables you want from our weekly selections, and you take priority over the farmstand (you get first choice – our extras go to the farmstand).
  • Feel good about the eggs and meat you eat, knowing that not only do they taste superb, the animals were pampered throughout their life and were harvested as gently and humanely as we can.
  • Support a local business that in turn supports the community.
  • Come to Rehoboth Homestead at your leisure to relax, walk around, and see how things are growing. There may be veggies or flowers you can pick and take home.

For your convenience we break our CSA offerings into:

Summer pickup is near the farmstand, in Peru on Route 9 a mile south of Bear Swamp Road (between Ausable Point and Ausable Chasm), on Tuesday afternoons between 3 and 6.  If Tuesday doesn’t work for you, we appreciate your business at our farmstand.

You do NOT have to be a member to shop at the farmstands.

Why do we choose to be primarily a CSA farm? Time is a big factor. Farming is three jobs. Most folks think of growing the veggies as time consuming, but harvest, packing, and marketing are even more time consuming. By having members join ahead, it not only allows us to tailor our plantings toward you, but it moves the marketing into winter when we have more time. As importantly, it connects us with the folks who are eating our food. We can help each other eat better (members often share their recipes). It encourages us to know our products are appreciated and put to good use. It keeps us on our toes to see our farm and food through members’ eyes. We do plant a wider variety of crops for the CSA than we would if we just had a farmstand or went to farmers markets, so we need to know ahead of time how many CSA members to plan for.

Join us now, by check, Venmo, or PayPal or credit card.