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In the summer we raise Cornish-Cross broiler chickens.  You may buy our chicken frozen year-round (until we run out), but if you want to cut and package it fresh, you need to get them during the summer.  We do NOT butcher every week, so it is best to call ahead to know the dates. If you want a steady supply of chicken, I suggest you join our Chicken  CSA . First, you will be assured of a supply, and second, you will save money.

These are the same breed you buy in the store, but even plumper, much sweeter smelling, and more flavorful.  We day-range them on pasture with trees and trailers for shade.

tony feeding comfrey to broiler chicks 200Their shelters are moved each day so they can graze and rest inside on clean ground, and they are free to roam around inside the fencing.  When the shelters have covered one fenced area, we move the fence and shelter to a new area with fresh bugs and plants to eat and ground to scratch up and fertilize.

Video of morning move

Another video of their morning move

We feed certified organic feeds.  It costs us over 45 cents/pound for feed! The animals do very well on this feed, and the flavor of the meat is superb.

Since they eat certified organic feed, and since they burn off some feed wandering around (about a 1/2 pound finished weight lighter compared to chickens kept in pens on pasture) they are $5.25/lb whole.  We will cut them up into boneless breasts, wings, and legs for an additional $1/lb. You may also just buy by the cut – boneless breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, liver, and stock packs.

Rehoboth beth with chickens 400