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We grow following strict organic standards. We are not certified however, simply because we grow a little bit of a lot of things, and the recordkeeping required for organic certification is not feasible for us. We are careful to follow practices that will allow us to become certified if we find ways to overcome the record keeping hurdle.

For fertility we use cover crops and composted poultry manure. To control insect pests we encourage natural predators (insects and microorganisms), cover with “fabric” to exclude them, and when absolutely necessary use organically-approved materials derived from microbes (bacteria and actinomycetes) and plants, or even soap. To reduce fungal leaf diseases we occasionally spray with copper hydroxide, approved for organic production. We purchase certified organic seed when available. We can get organic seed for most of our vegetables, but not for the flowers.

There are some very simple, basic recipes that work well with many veggies.  Everything from greens, to pac choi, to broccoli, to squash work well chopped up and steamed in some water with some hot pepper flakes or hot sauce.  The standard “greens” prep starts with olive oil and garlic, saute greens, add balsamic vinegar.  You can add more things – sunflower seeds, craisins, nuts, as you like.  Or vary the vinegars or oils.  Each gives a little variety but is simple and quick.

I like the following cookbooks, which can be purchased through the links below.


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