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Welcome To Rehoboth Homestead

   Now accepting reservations for 2023 broiler chickens (sold out but get on the list for 2024 signups).  Fed certified organic feed and allowed to grub for bugs and graze on pasture.

2023 Plans

Spring broiler chickens
Spring veggie plants for your gardens
Due to the closure of Route 9 for the summer, we are taking orders online for pickup at the farmstead or for Wednesday delivery on a route up Route 9 into Pburgh, out to Lowes area, and south to the hamlet of Peru.  See our online store here for availability and to order:


Big changes afoot at Rehoboth Homestead. 

  1. Tony and I planned for 2022 to be our last year selling eggs so we could visit family together occasionally, rather than one staying home to take care of livestock. The hens have been rehomed to several families and small homesteads.
  2. As much as I have loved the CSA, I find that after Tony’s death last year, even though I was the farmer and Tony was the builder/fix-it guy, I really need to focus and concentrate my efforts.  I planted a wide variety of veggies for the CSA, just to have different things on the table each week for our members, but they were happy with the “better basics”.  It was self-induced stress. So, I will produce “better basics” – the tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, sweet onions, garlic, beans, greens, etc – but offer them solely through the Summer Farmstand.
  3. The Winter Farmstand is closed – I need time to regroup.
  4. Most growing will be done up by the house rather than in the Route 9 field.  I raised the broilers and ducks on fresh pasture up there so have a good, well fertilized acre to plant, but the Route 9 field by the farmstand will be cover crops and “bee forage.

I am not taking down the web pages on the livestock and CSA yet, simply because, though this change is needed, erasing the evidence of the web pages just hurts. It was my life for nineteen years and we enjoyed hens and broilers for several years before becoming a commercial farm. With time they will disappear, but for now …

Thank you all for your patronage.