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Our Standards – Organic and humane

Humane Treatment and Stewardship

At Rehoboth Homestead, we take the stewardship of the land and animals entrusted to us seriously. We strictly follow organic production standards.

Cover crops and composts are used to build soil productivity and a vibrant soil ecosystem. This healthy soil in turn provides for healthy plants and animals.

Our animals have spacious shelters and get to roam within protective fencing. They are treated calmly and gently and are fed certified organic, non-GMO feed.

Flavor, Freshness, and Nutrition

At Rehoboth Homestead, we choose varieties of vegetables for their flavor and nutrient content and our flowers for beauty and vase life rather than for their ability to withstand shipping. We carefully avoid GMO seeds.

Rehoboth Homestead day-range  eggs have naturally-balanced nutrients, with bright orange yolks and firm whites.  No medications, growth stimulants, or hormones are added to their feed. In addition to our “organically-managed” pasture and extra vegetables, they are fed a certified organic, non-GMO feed.

Rehoboth Homestead pastured broilers, ducks, and hens roam around and eat insects and plants. The pigs get to root around, eat greenery, wallow in a mud bath. “Root around” is a very descriptive term – they are great at digging up plants including the roots. Again, no medications or hormones are added to their certified organic feed.

If we had a market that required USDA certification we would get it (lots and lots of time consuming paperwork), but our customers see how we do things, can ask questions, inspect us, etc, and seem very comfortable with that.