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Fill Your Freezer Chicken Pre-Buy Share

From last August’s (2023) newsletter:

“I harvested the last of this year’s broilers this morning. This year’s birds averaged 4.66 lbs.  I promise an average of at least 4 pounds. So the average cost was $5.54/lb for pastured broilers fed certified organic feed and harvested gently. The single bird price is $7.50/ls so those purchasing the Fill Your Freezer Chicken Share saved 25% off the per bird price (and we only have a few extras to sell as single birds). I know of a local farm feeding “chemical free” feed charging $750/lb and a farm feeding certified organic feed charging $8.25/lb. Those are the closest to our quality.”

The $260 price for ten whole, fresh, never has to go into our freezer birds’ per pound price is a max $6.50 at for a 4 pound “dressed” (as in clean and ready to cook) bird. In reality is usually around $5.50 because the birds are bigger than 4.0 pounds. Yes, that is much more than for a non-organic grocery store bird, but you get meat that 1) is raised on pasture with care, 2) fed certified organic feed, and 3) is gently harvested with no transportation stress.

To keep humanely raised chicken prices somewhat reasonable, we are streamline our marketing with the Fill Your Freezer Chicken Share and carefully matching production to demand.

A “Fill Your Freezer” share consists of ten (10) fresh, ready to cook, chickens.

  • Ten whole chickens individually packaged $260
  • Ten chickens cut and packaged as halves $320
  • Ten chickens cut into boneless breasts, legs, thighs, wings, and stock parts for you to package as you prefer $320

You may join with cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, or use a credit card at

Fill Your Freezer Chicken Share Membership Form

We give you a week notice on harvest dates. They are cleaned, ready to cook, packed in heavyweight heat-shrink bags. It is your responsibility to come get your chickens while they are fresh. They can take much less space in your freezer fresh than when frozen.

Video of morning move

Another video of their morning move