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– Note we no longer have laying hens so no eggs for sale. I just want to keep the page up for memory sake.-
Our egg laying hens spend summer in old campers we gutted and put roosts and nest boxes in. These make great protective, movable shelters. We move the campers and fencing to new areas as needed to give them good foraging. We buy certified organic pullets (young female chickens) and then feed them certified organic, non-GMO feed, plus our organically-managed pastures.

Our hens (all our livestock) are fed certified organic , GMO-free feed.  Therefore we must charge $6/dozen for the eggs.

Our hens winter in a deep pack in one of our hoophouses.  They have a smaller (the blue) hoophouse with roosts and nest boxes, to keep them warm at night. They don’t like snow but when they can get to some grass (dead or green) we let them out for the day.